Wednesday, July 9, 2008

... and the "shots" just keep on coming

I am totally into it..... a little frayed around the edges... but enjoying the ride. Three down, six to go. To say it is intense would be an understatement but I am thankful for every day I get to spend with these special families.

The Alpha and David shoot was at their home. Her parents were in for a visit from the Philippines. They were ALL into it, especially mom. It was like her daughter was some type of movie star. We did the entire shoot in the back yard. Both David and Alpha are very photogenic. And I did, after taking 103 shots, get a "keeper"... can't tell you what a relief that was. One down!

Next pair, Moises and Max. They live in high-rise so they suggested a local park that Max picked out. Got there a little early to scope the site. Well, there are two guys who have about four weeks beard growth and another that is sitting there rolling joints.... so I am not exactly inconspicuous in my preppy Polo shirt and shorts with my backpack loaded with cameras. About 10 minutes later dad arrives in his signature Black attire with shades and fez. Son is in pink polo shirt with black sneaker and florescent pink shoe laces..... this is going to be GREAT!

Max is somewhat shy and it was a challenge to work with them. We took this shot and that shot and then, as often happens, they sat down on this wall together for a breather. The rest is history. I got them to stay in that position... with a little coaching ...and got some final shots. And yes, one of these shots turned out to be the "keeper".

Oh.... and as I was leaving we got a chance to talk about the 4th of July concert in which Max played. That would be Moises doing all the talking, as in the proud dad. Max is a base player. (Moises is a tuba player). Moises described how it was so hard to see Max that night. I'm thinking to myself... he is small but not that small. Something apparently got lost in translation. Well, it turns out that this is an adult orchestra in which Max, age 14, is the only teenager playing.... a revelation by dad that causes Max's face to turn the color of his shoe laces. Just such a warm special moment to share and enjoy.

Last Night I went up to Salisbury to shoot Peg and Caitlin...... and company, as in Peg wanted me to do a "helping hands" shot of those who helped her get through her battle. Location: the Salisbury Beach State Reservation. Again, I arrive early to scope out the site…. lots of potential. Gang (Peg, Caitlin, husband-Mike, mother, and five other "helping hands") who are all dressed in blue T-shirts with red heart stenciled on them follows shortly thereafter. Peg has it all organized. They are going to start the cookout while we go off and shoot. She also takes me aside to share with me some of the experiences/moments she has had in the YPI KIDS Project, to explain how much it means to her and to apologize for tearing up (with joy). Very special.

As the shoot starts, Caitlin takes charge. She has this cove, these rocks, etc. that she wants to be shot on with Mum. The interaction/ electricity between these two take-charge gals can only put a smile on my face. So we go from the shoreline rocks to the dunes, then to the ocean and finally back to the picnic area where I am asked to take various other "family" photos. It all culminates in the "helping hands" photo.

Paul: Now, how is this going to work?
Peg: Smile and trust me! I am going to lie on that picnic table, roll off and they (gesturing to a group that includes her 80 year old mother and a child that is all of 4'2" tall) are going to catch me. And then.... carry me over to the water's edge where you WILL take a photo.
Paul: Yes, mam!

Well, with much "you go here", "you go there", "not so fast", "are you carrying any part of this package?" and other phrases that were quite deliberately muted or mumbled, Peg wasn't dropped and I got my photo of the “helping hands” at work.

I took over 200 images and yes, I did get a "keeper"...and that's what it's all about!

Don't know if I will have time to do this again but ..............want to thank Paula, Gail and Dola for this opportunity and their continued support.