Monday, October 13, 2008 was everything it was supposed to be and more!

Last Tuesday was OPENING NIGHT for my nine 2008 Young Photographers. Gail Ringel and her staff at Boston Children's Museum pulled out all the stops and I think the kids were blown away. What was extra special was the fact that THEY DELIVERED. The images they shot were wonderful... and so right-on for so many reasons.

At one end of the spectrum there was Chelsea's  portrait of her father who wrote, It's in my nature to make jokes and be funny.... 

Then, you had the more serious "Vogue centerfold model" approach taken by Stepehen's when he did his mother

Max and his father are both musicians so Max chose to catch dad "doing his thing". And that music that Max captured his dad "producing" was NOT an accident.

                                  Zoe Ashley and David chose to take a more "traditional portrait" approach, although the results were all far from "traditional". 

                                    It was indeed fitting that Caitlee would choose to photograph her mother with some of  her siblings... she is one of seven and mom is one of 10! 

While one might be hard pressed to know if Caitlin's mother was laughing or screaming in a state of abject terror as she did her best "Lance Armstrong", there is no mistaking her "enthusiasm for life".

Lastly, a picture that Kate took of her mom that "needs no caption" when it comes to her expression of the emotion that she and others, who have been triumphant in their battle with this terrible disease, feel.
The show runs until November 2, so if you happen to be in  town go see it. You will NOT be disappointed.

I have indeed been blessed with this project. The idea for it came up in a chance conversation that I had with a friend of mine (Dola Stemberg who became the project "angel"). She in turn introduced me to Dr. Paula Rauch of Mass General's PACT program... and the rest is history.I am forever grateful to the two of them and Gail Ringel of BCM for their confidence, support ....and patience. All the money in the world could not buy the experiences I have shared with these kids and their parents this summer.

Now I get to take some time off, enjoy the moment... and who knows I may even  think about next year's YPI KIDS project.