Thursday, September 11, 2014

YPIKIDS WEB SITE.. being updated

With this year's Dempsey Challenge fast approaching I am painfully aware of my failure to update our web site with the final photos and information for the 2013 YPIKIDS Project Tomorrow. My apologies to all who participated in the program and to those who sponsored it. My goal is to have the update done by the end of October.

In the meantime I wanted to share with you the group picture that was taken with Patrick Dempsey last year on the day of The Dempsey Challenge.

STANDING: Tookie Bright (The Healing Tree), Jennifer Bolduc, Francesca Haines, Patrick Dempsey,  Alexis Bolduc, Merilyn Haines,  Paul Denckla (YPIKIDS)
KNEELING: Cherie Sargent, Alicia Gonzales, Nicole Sargent, Chelsey Gonzales
NOT IN ATTENDANCE: Sarah & Darren Paul, Roberto Gonzales, David Haines, Barbara Gagne & Anthony Guimont, Eric & Crystal O'Connor, Josiah & Liz Cushman
I want to say to all of the Young Photographers who participated in the 2013 YPIKIDS Project Tomorrow... JOB WELL DONE! And to all who contributed to the project on behalf on the Board and myself, a heart felt ... THANK YOU!

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